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Past and Past Participle 

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In January of 2021, over 1000 visitors read my Past and Past Participle of READ + Audio/Video (Easy Grammar) blog post.
English learners are searching for help with this English grammar. A lot of English learners! 
I want to help everyone who is confused by this grammar. 
I made this easy to follow guide to help you take your English to the next level.

Why you need this E-book

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Learn Real English

Learn this confusing grammar with lots of natural examples. Real sentences and situations.

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Anywhere / Anytime

Use this awesome PDF on any device wherever and whenever. Online or offline.

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The BEST of the BEST

I combined all the best pieces of my blog post and my video to make this E-book. 

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About the Author

Dave Stinson - A Canadian English teacher living in Japan. Teaching is a passion of mine. I have been teaching since 1998 and teaching English since 2006. 
Living in Japan makes me a language student, just like you!
  • I have helped students improve their English communication skills at Public high schools and English conversation schools. 
  • I have worked with staff at Hospitals to help them communicate with foreign patients in their community.
  • I have also taught medical students, lawyers, IT professionals, and many other English language learners in one on one lessons.